Saturday, 23 June 2012

Make Money in LA

Make Money in LA http://MakeMoneyInLA.comMake Money in LA running your own business. There are plenty of small businesses you can start initially from home or online that can make money in LA. 

The range of business opportunities in fact is infinite. The key to making money is simply providing something that people want and then working out a marketing strategy in order to engage potential customers where ever they may be geographically - whether that be in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Paris, London or Sydney Australia.

To show you how easy it can be just take the example of a florist. There are many small florists in LA. Some of them are run from commercial shops while others are run from home. Those run from home do not have oodles of people driving up to their doorstep. All that happens is potential customers just visit the website of the florist. Place an order and then click on the payment button. The florist business operator can fill and dispatch the order personally or what is becoming very common they route the order to another florist who pays them a commission (i.e. a percentage) for the customer and who then attends to the delivery direct to the customer.

This process by the way is known as "drop-shipping". The initial florist wanting to make money in LA could be located anywhere in the world and they simply send the customer to a florist located in LA or in whatever city in the world in which the customer is located. Using this system anyone can operate a global florist business or any other type of business - getting customers from all over the world. Thus it does not matter if you want to make money in LA or in Istanbul.

Once you have an online presence you in fact have a global business. However please note - as this is extremely important for marketing .... .

If you want to capture customers from Los Angeles because they may represent a particularly profitable niche then you should orient you content and marketing targeting this customer area.
 In which case you will then be pretty certain that you will make money in LA rather than somewhere else

If you want to make money in Boston then of course you can tweak your website and marketing campaign and mine customers in Boston and so on for any geographic zone in the world.

 If you're not attracting enough customers, then somebody else is... and that's because they have a better marketing system in place.
The truth is, you can stand strong against any type of competition with the right marketing... and it doesn't take thousands of dollars to beat the competition either.

A great business guide designed around a florist business - so you know it is practical and not full of hot air and which is applicable for ALL types of businesses - not just for florists, is  Marketing Your (Florist) Business. You'll see how simple it really is to attract customers and keep them coming back time after time.

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